Notice of Advisory on Road Safety

Hey Pandas, 

The Authorities have observed that motorcyclists have been committing traffic offenses such as riding against the flow of traffic from Chun Tin Road into Cheong Chin Nam Road, riding
and parking on the footway near Cheong Chin Nam Road as shown in Annex A.


We will like to urge all motorcyclists to ride responsibly for the safety of all road users. The Authorities will not hesitate to take necessary action against errant road users who flout traffic rules and regulations.

Road safety is a shared responsibility. We seek your cooperation to inform your customers and company staff to abide by all traffic rules and regulations and we believe that the concerted effort of the riders and the Authorities would go a long way to help make Singapore roads safe for all.


Urban Redevelopment Authorities (URA) will be increasing motorcycle lots along Cheong Chin Nam Road in due time and by doing so we hope to cater to the demand for parking lots. We have also indicated other available parking lots within the vicinity as shown in Annex B. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.