Hey, Pandas! We’re always on the lookout for riders who go the extra mile in ensuring that their customers happily receive their food. With that said, we want to give these exceptional riders a special incentive for representing foodpanda the best way possible. 

From June 8 to 14 (Mon-Sun), riders with 5-star ratings for at least 30% of their orders will receive an extra incentive of  $50! This is applicable to riders who do at least 100 orders that week. Refer to this quick guide for tips and tricks on how to easily get those 5-stars! 


1. If the food is taking too long at the vendor, let your customer know! 

Nobody likes a delayed order - but sometimes, these things are out of your control. Let your customer know the situation at the vendor so that their expectations can be kept in check. 👌


Sample message: Hey, Charles! It’s John, your rider. I’m at ABC vendor right now and I’m still waiting for your order. But no worries, I’ll let you know as soon as I get it. Thanks for your patience! 😊


2. Message your customer when you’re on the way 

Keeping your customer updated goes a long way! When a customer personally hears from you, they get even more excited to receive their food. They also feel more confident that their food will arrive on time! 

Sample message: Hey, Charles! This is John, your rider. I just picked up your food from ABC vendor and I’m on the way there. Let me know if you have specific drop off instructions. See you soon! 


3. Make sure the food is sealed and secured


Nobody likes ruined cake or pizza! 😑 Kindly ensure that the order is safely secured and sealed throughout the whole delivery. 



4. Despite the contactless delivery option, wait for the customer to pick-up the food before leaving their premises 


Customers have told us that they appreciate it when riders wait by the door for them to receive their food. These precious few seconds can have the biggest of impact! 👍🏻

Important Note: Some customers have also reported to have never received their food. To avoid such cases, be present when the customer claims their food from their doorstep. 



5. Do not be afraid to ask your customer for a 5-star rating! 


Despite our excellent service, it is normal for customers to sometimes forget to give us ratings on their foodpanda app. 😲 (They’re busy enjoying their food!) One tip is to politely message them to give feedback on your delivery. 


Sample message: Hey, Charles! I hope you’re enjoying your food. If you liked my service, it would make my day if you could give me a 5-star rating on the foodpanda app. Thank you and have an awesome day! 


6. Greet your customer upon dropping off their food  

Sample greeting: Hey, Charles! Here’s your food. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great evening! 🍟

Bonus: When your customer says thank you or expresses gratitude, instead of simply saying “you’re welcome”, you can express your passion about being a rider. “No worries, I’m happy to help!” 


Do you have other tips and tricks you’d like to share? Submit them below!