Rider Profiles: DJ

Introducing our Rider Profiles series! 

Each month, we feature interesting panda riders from various professions with unique stories to tell. This February, we get to know Heffny who is a panda rider by day and DJ by night. 


Heffny Bin Abdul Razeed, DJ

Tell us a little something about yourself

Hi, my name is Heffny. I’m a panda rider and a DJ.


How did you get into the path of DJ-ing? What’s your story? 

Music has always been a passion of mine - getting people to dance to hot tunes and ensuring they enjoy the night away is something I’ve enjoyed ever since. This is what led me to this path of becoming a DJ.


Where have you played? Or where do you usually play?

Locally, I spin in various clubs such as Attica, Zouk, Bang Bang, 1Altitude, Altimate and more. Internationally, I’ve played in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Sydney, Bali, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur,  Los Angeles, and Tokyo.


What are the key technical skills required in becoming a DJ?

It is essential to learn the basics which include beatmatching, counting bars, learning the history of the genre you spin and mastering your equipment. However, many things have changed as the world has gotten more and more technologically advanced. I remember 10 years ago, I would carry around a 15-kilo bag of records whenever I would play.  I would have the bag of records beside me in the booth and I would manually change each record whenever I wanted to switch a song.


What kind of music do you usually play?

My forte is definitely Hip Hop and R&B.


What is your most memorable story as DJ? Any crazy stories?

I remember when I shared the DJ console with 2 very famous DJs. The first was DJ Jazzy Jeff, who was both a DJ and an actor. He came out in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as well as Boyz n the Hood. The second one was DJ Cash Money, who is a household name in the hip hop world. Every night is a different crazy story.


What do you think are the top 5 important things you need for a killer DJ set?

Patience, a good song selection, a good emcee to hype the place, the ability to read your crowd on the dancefloor and free booze for ladies.


Top 3 pet peeves?

Drunk people ordering drinks while I’m playing, people who put their drinks on the DJ equipment and people who request love songs when it’s considered our hype set.


Any advice for aspiring DJs? Any tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way?

My advice is to learn and practice every day and to enjoy your set. Also, it’s not just about choosing songs or pressing buttons. Each DJ will discover his or her own strategy as time passes. One trick I’ve learned is to play songs for the ladies first - to get them on the dance floor - then the guys will follow. I usually throw out some Pop Reggaeton, Cardi B, Migos and watch the dancefloor get filled by the second.


What do you think are 3 qualities needed to become a good DJ?

One must be humble, adaptable and knowledgeable of their craft


Run me through your day as both a panda rider and DJ? How do you start and end your day?

I always start at 11 am and end at 9 pm for foodpanda. On days I don’t do DJ-ing, I go home, have my dinner and keep abreast with the latest music by doing my own research. If I have a gig that evening, I would prepare for it upon getting arriving home.


What made you decide to ride with foodpanda? Is there anything in particular about foodpanda that stands out from other food delivery companies?

foodpanda gives a very good competitive salary compared to others. Things are fast, efficient, and we work as a family. Some would even consider it a brotherhood which is why I decided to stay for this long. I have made new friends regardless of race, religion, and age. When I was new to foodpanda, there were guys who helped me out and treated me like family, now is my time to give back. Foodpanda is a huge organization that has developed into one of the leading brands for food delivery not only in Singapore but around Asia.


Do you want to share any foodpanda rider tips?

Tip 1: Always remember to walk fast and ride slow. Get to the vendor as fast as possible, but ride as safe as you can to the customer. Accidents have been piling up, so safety should be your number one priority.


Tip 2: For better performance incentives you must work longer hours, never be late and have a consistent UTR.

Tip 3: When dealing with customers, don’t fight fire with fire! Always keep your cool. Smile. Apologize when needed.


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