Rider Concierge

Here in foodpanda, we believe in innovating and providing our riders with a wide array of options to increase their service fees. Hence, we're introducing: Rider Concierge! 

Starting Tuesday (16 July 2019), riders can now fulfill orders in select convenience stores in the Central Business District in 3 easy steps: handpick the items, pay in the counter and get reimbursed during the next payment cycle.

Each Rider Concierge order entitles you to an additional $0.50 per delivery


Q: How do we know that is it a Rider Concierge order? 

A: A note with instructions will be included in your Roadrunner pick-up details stating that this is a Rider Concierge order. 


Q: Do we get incentivized since we will be handpicking the items? 

A: Yes. You will receive an additional $0.50 per Rider Concierge order. 


Q: Is the amount we pay the vendor the same as the amount we collect from the customer?

A: No. The amount you need to pay the vendor and the amount you need to collect from the customer will be stated separately in your pick-up instructions. You will always be collecting a larger amount from customers. 


Q: Why are the individual prices reflected on the pick-up details sometimes different from what I need to pay to the vendor? 

A: The prices may vary and are dependent on the convenience stores. Nonetheless, the pricing you pay the vendor should always be lesser than what you collect from the customer. 

Note: If the price you actually pay at the counter is different from what is stated in the app, please still proceed with the order. However, kindly take a photo of the receipt and send over to your dispatcher in order to be reimbursed correctly. 


Q: What happens if the order is not available at the vendor? 

A: Kindly contact your dispatchers. Your dispatcher will coordinate with the customer to amend the order. 


Q: When do we get reimbursed for the cash we’ve paid at the vendor? 

A: All your Rider Concierge orders are stored within our system and are reflected in your wallet. You will be reimbursed for any outstanding payment during the next payment cycle.