Rider Batch

The Rider Batch you'll be receiving on Roadrunner will be based on the following criteria: (Nov 30, 2020 onwards)

More information on Acceptance Rate: 

Please remember to use the Accept/Reject feature wisely since your Acceptance Rate criteria is still equivalent to a third of your rider batch score. (30%).


From July 10, 2020 onwards, all accepted orders that are redispatched will be considered as non-acceptance and will affect your Acceptance Rate calculation. The self-redispatch feature which will be available on your rider app from the afternoon of July 13, 2020 onwards will also have an effect on your Acceptance Rate. Click here to learn more about it.

More information on Actual vs Planned: 

The AvP scores are calculated and capped at 100% for every shift, this means that you will not be able to make-up for the missing hours of your previous shifts. 


Example: If a rider has an AvP score of 99% for shift 1, the rider will not be able to clock-in 101% for shift 2 to make-up for the missing AvP score from shift 1. 


The final score is weighted based on the individual shift scores and planned hours of these shifts.

To make sure that our most dedicated riders are treated fairly, we will be ranking them into batches based on the criteria stated above. Every Monday morning, your batch will be updated in Roadrunner. Your batch number determines the shift booking and service fees category you've been placed into, with Batch 1 receiving the highest dockets and being the first batch to book their shifts.

Great news! From September 21 (Monday) onwards, the evaluation period for your Batch will be from Monday to Sunday. This means that you no longer need to wait 3 extra days to see your batch - you can see your batch update the day after! Refer to the calendar below: 

Real-Life Examples: 


Evaluation Period: Sep 21 - 27, 2020

Batch Update on Rooster: Sep 28, 2020 

Service Fees Period: Sep 28 - Oct 4, 2020

Service Fees Payout: Oct 7 - 9, 2020

How much more can Batch 1, 2 & 3 riders make? 


Understanding Your Current Score tab





1: This shows your current rank. The blue bar is the range of rankings for riders in Batch 4

2: This represents your ranking for the different criteria. 

3: This is your actual criteria score. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Actual vs Planned

Q: Does shift swapping affect my Actual vs Planned score? 

A: If you are able to find another rider to take your shift then no, shift swapping will not affect your score. However, if you are not able to find a replacement rider, then yes, this will affect your score since no one will fulfill the shifts you've booked. 

Q: What happens when I extend my shift?

A:  The extended shift (30 mins per extension) will be added to your planned hours and your Actual vs Planned score will be affected if you did not fulfil the extension.

Q: What happens when I end my shift later than the planned schedule? (Late log-out)

A: A: The additional time you’ve fulfilled will NOT be taken into consideration for the calculation. If you’ve fulfilled 2 hours of service for a 1 hour 45 mins shift and were late for 30 mins, the Actual vs Planned score for that shift will be (1hr 15mins vs 1hr 45mins) 71.4% and not 100.0%.

Q: Is there a 15 minute grace period for every shift? 

A: No, if the shift you've booked is 2 hours long and you log-in 15 minutes late, your Actual vs Planned will only be 87.5%. (Assuming that you end on time). Your score for late log-in will also be affected. 

Acceptance Rate


Q: What affects my Acceptance Rate?

A: Your Acceptance Rate will remain high if you continuously accept the orders assigned to you. On the other hand, it decreases when you do not accept orders assigned to you. Moreover, Acceptance Rate will be affected if you reject an order and ask for a re-assingment after accepting the order. 

Q: If I request for a break, will this affect my Acceptance Rate?

A: If you request for a break, this will affect your Actual vs Planned score. On the other hand, it will only affect your Acceptance Rate if you were put on break because you were not accepting orders.

Q: If I am on break, will I still be assigned an order?

A: No. If you have been placed on break, you will not receive orders.

Scoring Cycle 

Q: Are my service fees based on the batch I see on Roadrunner?

A: Yes! You receive service fees based on the batch you see on Roadrunner.