RideSafe is a joint initiative between NTUC Income and foodpanda to promote road safety. It is foodpanda's top priority to ensure that our riders and the members of the public will always be safe from harm whenever our orders are delivered. 

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Safety Tips

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Get Covered

Learn about the importance of insurance in the gig economy

Your protection journey has already begun!

From 09-September-2019 onwards, all active PAB, PMD and bicycle riders will be covered under foodpanda's third-party liability insurance! 


Third-party liability insurance can help you if you accidentally injure another person or damage their property while you are on shift with foodpanda. 

It will help cover amounts that you are legally responsible to pay for whenever harm or damage is inflicted upon a third-party. foodpanda will cover damages incurred which are over $500. Some example scenarios include: 

• While on your PAB, you accidentally hit a person 

• While on your bicycle, you accidentally damage a public property 

• While on your PAB/bicycle/PMD, you accidentally hit a car and scratch it 

The third-party liability insurance DOES NOT cover scenarios such as: (This falls under Personal Accident Insurance) 

• While on your bicycle, you accidentally fall and get hurt 

• Your PAB accidentally explodes while charging it at home 

What should I do when an accident happens?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I covered under foodpanda’s third-party liability insurance?

A: All active PAB, PMD and bicycle riders are covered under foodpanda’s third-party liability insurance. This means that you were currently on shift with foodpanda when the accident happened.


Q: If I get injured, will the third-party liability insurance cover my medical fees?

A: No, third-party liability insurance only covers damages done to the third-party. This means that it covers the person or property that you have damaged or have gotten into an accident with. If you wish to have your medical fees covered (Personal Accident Insurance), you can explore NTUC Income’s other insurance plans here.


Q: In the case of an accident during my shift, if the third-party asks for damages compensation, what should I do?

A: You are not legally required to pay anything yet until you are legally sued by the third-party. Kindly let the authorities, foodpanda and the insurance company handle everything on your behalf. All you need to do is ensure that you are safe and that you have all the relevant information we need.


Q: How will I know if the third-party is taking legal action against me or is suing me?

A: The third-party will be sending you a Letter of Demand/legal notice which communicates the intention to take legal action against you. Please be reminded not to take any action on your own until the dispute has been settled by foodpanda and the insurance company. (Example: settle payments privately)


Q: What kind of information will foodpanda or the insurance company need?

A: Head over to Rider Support > Insurance > Third-Party Liability Insurance. You will see a form link with the complete list of documents you need to submit. We will start processing your request upon the complete submission of your documents. (Letter of Demand/ legal notice, Police Report, etc) Kindly submit your documents to us no later than 5 working days after you've received your Letter of Demand. 


Q: If an accident occurs while I am NOT on shift, will I still be covered?

A: No, foodpanda’s third party liability insurance only covers PAB, PMD and bicycle riders who were on shift.


Q: Do I need to pay for anything?

A: Foodpanda’s third-party liability insurance will cover the expenses up to S$1,000,0000. Anything in excess will be subject to discussion.