Worried about your scooter being confiscated?

Rent an LTA-compliant e-scooter at Popscoot!


What's on offer?

Exclusive discounted prices for PMD rental with waived security deposit

Two (2) complementary checks per month 

Discounted prices for PMD rental, with security deposit waived! You will also receive 2 complimentary checks per month for maintenance. These PMDs are fully adapted to food delivery, since they can cover up to 80km with a spare battery. 


Give Popscoot electric scooters a try with rental prices starting from $65 a month! What's more, they have recently upgraded their fleet with an enhanced model, available for just $95 per month!

How to claim:

1. Download and register on the PopScoot App


2. Email a screenshot of your Profile Page from the application to support.sg@popscoot.com with the subject "PopPanda"

3. You will be sent a link to an online initiation form


4. Upon submission of the completed form, you will receive a confirmation email, after which credits will be added to your App's wallet based on the above criteria