Payment Cycle

Your payments, made easy! 

All Pandas will receive their payments weekly in their Rider Wallet. Refer to the calendar and examples below to understand more about the start and end of your payment cycle.

Note: Please be reminded that your Referral Incentive is paid separately and is processed on the first Friday of the succeeding month. You will receive your Referral Incentive a week after.








Referral Incentive





Credited to rider wallet

Credited to rider wallet

Credited to rider wallet

Credited to rider wallet

Payment Cycles

Credited to Wallet

Calendar Week (CW)

Dec 30 - Jan 5

Jan 6 - Jan 12

Jan 13 - Jan 19

Jan 20 - Jan 26

Jan 27 - Feb 2

Feb 3 - Feb 9

Feb 10 - Feb 16

Feb 17 - Feb 23

Feb 24 - Mar 1

Mar 2 - Mar 8

Jan 9 or 10

Jan 16 or 17

Jan 23 or 24

Jan 30 or 31

Feb 6 or 7

Feb 13 or 14

Feb 20 or 21

Feb 27 or 28

Mar 5 or 6

Mar 12 or 13

CW 1

CW 2

CW 3

CW 4

CW 5

CW 6

CW 7

CW 8

CW 9

CW 10

New App Features

Check your service fees in your rider app by clicking on Shifts > Menu > Payments

You can view a graph containing the weekly breakdown of your service fee. Your recent daily activity is shown in the lower part of screen. 

Calendar ViewYou can choose the period you would like to view by clicking the filter on the upper part of the screen. By clicking on each day you can view daily breakdown on your service fee and incentives. 

Quest BonusJust click on Shifts > Menu > Quests and find out what it takes to get your additional incentives! The information will updated for each zone