Panda Sling Mobile Game Tournament

Hey, Pandas! Do you want to win up to $550? Join our Panda Sling mobile game tournament! We will be awarding the top 10 Pandas with the highest score every week for the next 4 weeks with $50 each! The Panda with the highest score across the 4 weeks will win another $500 for the grand prize. Please refer to the steps and mechanics below for more details! 

Steps and Mechanics

1. You must be at least Batch 4 in order to win the $50 weekly cash prize. The grand prize winner of $500 must be at least Batch 2. 

2. You can only win once for the weekly tournament. However, you can keep playing weekly to compete for the grand prize. The rider with the highest score across the 4 weeks will win the grand prize of $500

Example: If you were part of the top 10 highest scores for Week 1, you will receive $50. If you keep competing across the 4 weeks and get the highest score among all the riders, you will receive an additional $500. 

3. Upon clicking the link, you must input your Rider ID, as seen in the image below. 

4. The cash prize will be given to you via Rider Payments. Winners will receive an SMS confirmation with payment details and schedule. 


The winners of the week will be announced here every Monday afternoon.


Week 1: March 23, 2020 ($50 per winner) 

Week 2: March 30, 2020 ($50 per winner) 

Week 3: April 6, 2020 ($50 per winner) 

Week 4: April 13, 2020  ($50 per winner & $500 for overall champion)