Panda Awards: July

(Wk 28 - 31)

Here at foodpanda – as you know by now –  we love to put our riders first. What better way to show our riders some love than to give the best riders the best prizes imaginable? 


Every month, we will be announcing specific criteria that need to be met, as well as the corresponding prizes for the top riders who have made the cut. 


This July, we will be giving away 50 $100 Decathlon Gift Cards to 50 lucky Pandas with the highest number of successful referrals. To count as a successful referral, your referral must:

1. Use your Refer a Friend link

2. Complete their onboarding process

Tallying will officially start on July 8, 2019 and will end on August 4, 2019. The winners will be announced on the telegram channel on the first week of August. Good luck to all riders and ride safe! 



Congratulations to the following Pandas for winning a $100 Decathlon gift card this July! Winners will receive an SMS confirmation with pick-up instructions within the week. The hub assigned beside your name is where you can pick-up your gift cards from 14-August-2019 onwards. Ride safe and thank you for riding with Singapore's largest delivery fleet. 


1. Li Xiangqing - West Hub

2. Ganesh S/O Ramalingam - West Hub

3. Ho Juan Learn Thomas  - East Hub

4. Muhammad Faris Muhammad Yazid - North Hub

5. Leow Wee Chai - North Hub

6. Seok Yun Sai  - North Hub

7. Tok Wee Long - North Hub

8. Raymond Tan Jun Rong - North Hub

9. Phua Yeow Kiat  - West Hub

10. Sim Yu Jie  - North Hub

11. Lim Leong Xiang - West Hub

12. Glenn Chiang Li Quan  - North Hub

13. Fabien Koh Jun Jie - East Hub

14. Wang Yong Zhi  - West Hub

15. Muhammad Taufiq Bin Sapii - East Hub

16. Muhammad Muazzin bin Midzamuddin  - North Hub

17. Muhammad Zulhelmy Bin Mohamad Zahid - East Hub

18. Sok Cheat  - North Hub

19. Ng Wei Jie Edmund - West Hub

20. Ang Hua Yang  - West Hub

21. Khang Joo Moh  - East Hub

22. Peck Swee Siong  - North Hub

23. Khairul Bin Mohamed  - North Hub

24. Goh Ban Heng Paul - North Hub

25. Alvin Voon Yi Jin  - East Hub

26. Muhammad Yusry Bin Ismail - West Hub

27. Nur Arif Bin Zulkiflee  - West Hub

28. Arunkumar Ramamurthy - North Hub

29. Leow Tien Wang - North Hub

30. Mohammad Hidayad Bin Rahmad - North Hub

31. Koh Shao Feng  - North Hub

32. Izwan Bin Abdul Rahman  - East Hub

33. Muhammad Fazli Adam Bin Hamin - East Hub

34. Han Tong Joon Mitchell  - East Hub

35. Muhammad Firdaus Bin Yusaini  - East Hub

36. Muhammad Irsyad Bin Zainudin - West Hub

37. Brian Ng Wei Yang  - West Hub

38. Chiew Su Hern - West Hub

39. Siew Peng Khuan  - West Hub

40. Lin Wei Jie Jarrel - East Hub

41. Teo jin Wei Selwyn  - East Hub

42. Muhammad Afiq Bin Mohd Sarrif - East Hub

43. Muhammad Danish Bin Azmi - North Hub

44. Muhammad Erwan Shah Bin Mohd Ali - North Hub

45. Syed Syafiq Bin Syed Nazarulludin  - North Hub

46. Mohammad Firdaus Bin Muhammad - North Hub

47. Wong Cao Meng Jethro - East Hub

48. Tan Seng Yeong Terence - East Hub

49. Yap Guo Hao  - East Hub

50. Muhammad Khidir Afiq Bin Mohd Khirashid - East Hub