The order-based service fee structure was foodpanda's old payment scheme. (Until June 22, 2020) foodpanda decided to update our rider payment scheme based on the needs and requests of our riders. Please click here to view the new and improved Dynamic Service Fees. Everything written below will only be effective until June 22, 2020. 

Here at foodpanda, your voice is given utmost importance. We hear you – and we’ve made the necessary changes to make your lives simpler and easier. Say goodbye to confusing fee calculations and hello to the highest service fee per delivery rates! 

Order-Based Docket

With our new order-based docket, you will be rewarded for every single order you deliver. The more you deliver, the more you’ll make! Refer to the table and map below for more details on our docket structure. 😉

Old Service Fee Structure (1 - 22 Jun 2020)

Zones & Batch System

Click here to view the complete set of zones you can deliver in. 

Every Monday, your batch will be updated in Rooster. Your batch number determines the shift booking and service fees category you've been placed into, with batch 1 receiving the highest dockets and being the first batch to book their shifts.


Your scoring/evaluation period will be weekly which means that you can move up a batch faster. Also, the batch you see on Rooster is the batch you'll get paid as. Click here to further understand the batch system and service cycles. 




Here are some examples of our order-based service fee structure in action. For more questions, kindly send a ticket in Rider Support via your rider app. 

Example 1: Motorbikes in Downtown


Example 2: Bicycles / PABs in Bukit Timah & Novena

Example 3: Motorbikes in Other Areas

Example 4: Bicycles / PABs in Other Areas


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the no deduction for no-show apply to the new order-based service fee structure?


A: Amazing news! The no deduction for no-show has been extended to riders on the order-based service fee structure! You may ask your Area Managers for more details. 




Q: Are there are any cool incentives included in this scheme that we should know of?


A: Yes!


Cancellation After Pick-up – We understand that it may be quite frustrating to have orders canceled! As a token of our appreciation for your time and effort, you will now receive $3 whenever an order is canceled after you've picked it up.