Make sure to keep these in mind before hitting the road!

Recommended Attire

  • Foodpanda t-shirt​

  • Long pants​

  • Covered shoes​​

  • Rain coat

Delivery Essentials

  • Fully-charged phone and power bank


  • Full tank of fuel or fully-charged scooter


  • $50 change in smaller notes and coins


  • 1 halal and 1 non-halal thermal bag


  • You will be called back to the hub for an equipment check every 3 months

  • If you no longer wish to work with us, please return the big bag and the 2 thermals bags within 30 days of last worked shift to claim your deposit

Cash Submission

  • Deposit the cash collected from deliveries into your DBS/POSB account after your shift

  • The amount to deposit is indicated in your Roadrunner "Wallet" tab

  • The amount will be automatically deducted every morning 

Halal Compliance



  • ​Always bring your Halal thermal bag to the restaurant when picking up Halal orders




  • If you are unable to make it for a weekday shift, you have to cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact your Hub Manager-on-Duty for such cancellations.

Code of Conduct

  • Always be polite to customers and restaurant staff


  • Do not smoke or eat on partner restaurant premises


  • In case of disagreement, do not escalate the matter further. Contact the Dispatch Team for assistance

  • Always respect traffic and parking laws

  • Food received from vendors should be stored in sealed containers