We know how hard you work and we want to give you more opportunities to increase your service fees. Starting November 23rd 2018 you will be able to opt into the new service fee structure, if you so decide.


Distance Docket

With our new Distance Docket, you’ll be rewarded for every single kilometer you travel. The more you travel, the more you’ll make! This fee includes the total distance to pick-up and to drop-off.

Score Incentive

With our Score Incentive, the better you perform, the higher your fees. With up to $1.5 per order, it is guaranteed that the most Outstanding Pandas will be rewarded.

Peak Time Incentive

With our Peak Time Incentive, working during peak times guarantees you extra fees.

High Demand Area Incentive

With our High Demand Area Incentive, you will earn more when you book shifts in the following areas: 

* Updated Bonus

* Applicable from December 17 2018 until further notice

Hourly Service Fee and Motorbike Incentive

Good news! We've kept an hourly service fee of $4 to ensure you have guaranteed fees. Moreover, an additional incentive of $1.5 per order is paid to motorbike riders. 

We are very excited to introduce our new service fee structure in which you will be able to earn more as seen in the charts below: 

Bicycle / PMD


Here are some examples of our new service fee structure in action. If you have further questions, kindly ask your Area Manager for clarification.

Example 1: Motorbike in High Demand Areas



Example 2: Bicycle / PMD in High Demand Areas



Example 3: Motorbike in Other Areas



Example 4: Bicycle / PMD in Other Areas