Hey, Pandas! To help you understand your rider app better, we've summarized all the latest product features in one page. Please ensure that your rider app is updated to its latest version to enjoy all these features. Check them out below:  

Cash Out

From September 23 2020 onwards, you will be receiving your service fees in the “wallet” of your rider app and you can cash out once a week for FREE! ($0.50 for every succeeding cash out)  ​Please note that you will be receiving your previous week's service fees every Wednesday, and you may cash out after this day. Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions. 

Live Acceptance Rate

From September 21 (Monday) onwards, your live Acceptance Rate will be shown on your Accept/Reject Screen.

Performance Tab

Want to improve your batch? With the new Performance Tab, you will now be able to check your real-time score and where you stand among the other riders. You can now better understand how to reach your Batch goals! Your ​Performance Tab includes: 

For your convenience, we’ve moved the information about your Score from “Shifts” to the Main Menu. Now, all you need to know about your Batch is one click away!

Self Re-dispatch Orders

From the afternoon of July 13 2020, you will now be able to re-dispatch your accepted orders! But please use this feature wisely as this will affect your Acceptance Rate calculation. Stacked orders can still be re-dispatched as long as they haven’t been picked up. But please note that if you re-dispatch an order in a stacked order, the rest of the orders may be redispatched as well.

Accept/Reject Orders

With the Dynamic Service fees, you will be able to see how much you can make per order before deciding whether to Accept/Reject it! But use this feature wisely, as this may affect your Acceptance Rate calculation.

Shift Extension

Sometimes during peak hours we might need your extra help. If you are willing to extend your shift for another 30 minutes, you can indicate this in your rider app at the start of your shift. You can let us know during your shift as well by using the toggle shown below. When your shift is successfully extended, you will receive a notification. Shift adjustments are fully automated, so you don’t need to reach out to Dispatchers since they do not have access. 

On-Demand Break 

You can now request for breaks yourself and you no longer need to go through a dispatcher. You have break options of 5, 10, 15 & 30 minutes.​

1. Click on the Status button on the lower left-hand corner of your Roadrunner app


2. Click on the button Request Break 

3. Confirm your decision by clicking on button Continue

4. Select break duration and click Send


5. Wait for confirmation and you’re all set!