Ride in peace with a Personal Accident plan

There's always a risk to riding, and while we can't prevent the unknown, we can make sure you're protected no matter what happens.

What's on offer?

Discounts on Personal Accident Plan Premiums

*plan is extendable to spouse and children


In collaboration with foodpanda, Manulife is now offering our active riders a discounted rate for Personal Accident plan premiums!


All freelancers would be able to opt into this plan, provided they are:


  • Singaporean, a S'pore Permanent Resident or has a valid Word Pass

  • Aged 16 and above

Personal Accident Plans - Riders

Personal Accident Plans - Spouse & Children

How to Claim:

Opt into the program by clicking on one of the following links depending on your hub. Our recruitment team will then invite you for a short session to sign up with Manulife and will explain the plan in more detail.


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