Hey Pandas! We’ve heard your feedback and we’re here to make a change - you’ve asked to be compensated fairly for longer travel, to have the ability to choose which order to accept and to have complete transparency on how much you can make per order. So we’ve decided to give our Pandas an upgrade. 😉

From June 23, 2020 onwards, all riders will be under the Dynamic Service Fee scheme. What’s so cool about this? 


1. The more you travel, the more you make - we understand that some orders are farther than others, and we want to fairly incentivize our riders for their exceptional effort 


2. You can see how much you can make per order - we want you to know how much each order can bring you. The amount reflected on your app is based on distance, vehicle type, zone, time of day, acceptance rate and batch. 


3. You have the power to choose which orders to accept - the freedom is all yours! But use this feature wisely, as this may affect your batch incentive. 


4. Better performing riders have higher fees - Our best performing riders get the highest incentives. The higher your batch, the higher your $$$ 


Zone Incentives:  

Batch System and Incentive 

To make sure that our most dedicated riders are treated fairly, we will be ranking them into batches based on certain criteria. By Monday morning, your batch will be updated in Roadrunner. Your batch number determines the shift booking and service fees category you've been placed into, with Batch 1 receiving the highest dockets and being the first batch to book their shifts. Your scoring/evaluation period will be weekly which means that you can move up a batch faster. Click here to learn more about your payment cycle. 

For any questions or concerns regarding the Dynamic Service Fee scheme, you can submit a ticket via Roadrunner > Rider Support. 

Frequently Asked Questions