Hey, Pandas! We are constantly working on ways to bring you more orders - therefore, from October 28, 2020 (Wednesday) onwards, we will be launching cross-zone delivery! This means:

💸 Higher docket per delivery (More $$$!) ​

💸 Farther distance = higher service fee 

💸 More orders from different zones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a cross-zone delivery?

It is considered a cross-zone delivery when the order is picked-up from your zone but dropped-off in another. You will not be asked to pick-up an order from another zone.

Will I be put out of break if I am outside of my zone?

No, you will not be put on break when you deliver outside your zone and return.

Is there a time frame for me to be outside of my zone?

Yes, you have a maximum of two hours to get back to your zone.

What happens after I drop-off my cross-zone delivery?

You will need to return to your zone upon dropping off your delivery in order to receive your next order.

Will I receive higher service fees if I complete cross-zone deliveries?

Yes! The farther you travel, the higher the service fee you’ll receive.

Will my Acceptance Rate be affected if I reject a cross-zone delivery?

Yes, the processes remain the same. You can learn more here: https://www.pandariders.sg/new-product-features