Hey, Pandas! Welcome to the first-ever Bamboo Rewards program. Earn Bamboo Points and maintain your average Acceptance Rate to unlock your tier and gain access to all the limited edition freebies and prizes under it!

Each delivery you make is equivalent to 3 Bamboo Points and you will receive your tier update every 2 months. The tier you will receive will be based on the Bamboo Points and average Acceptance Rate you’ve accumulated over the last 2 months and will give you access to a set of rewards which you can claim as soon as your tier is announced. Your tier will only be valid for 2 months and will be reset. You must claim your rewards before your next tier announcement. 

*The no. of Bamboo Points per delivery is subject to change

Points System

Here’s the criteria you need to unlock each tier:


From April 20, 2020 (Monday), everyone will start off as Baby Panda and receive their first tier update on June 14, 2020 (Sunday). 



Great news - you can claim ALL the prizes under your tier. The points you’ve accumulated for the past 2 months will determine your tier and each tier has a set of claimable prizes. From limited edition shirts, to foodpanda vouchers, you name it! But keep in mind that you must claim your prizes within two months before your tier gets reset again. Keep delivering to collect all the freebies as seen below:


A. Points and Tier Qualification

Stay tuned, we will be announcing more prizes and freebies soon! 


B. Rewards and Claiming