Hey, Pandas! Earn Bamboo Points and maintain your average Acceptance Rate to unlock your tier and gain access to all the limited edition freebies and prizes under it! All Pandas who created an account with us before July 9 2020 are included in this rewards program. 

*The no. of Bamboo Points per delivery is subject to change

Each delivery you make is equivalent to 3 Bamboo Points and you will receive your tier update every month. The tier you will receive will be based on the Bamboo Points and average Acceptance Rate you’ve accumulated over the last month and will give you access to a set of rewards which you can claim as soon as your tier is announced. Your tier will only be valid for 1 month and will be reset. You must claim your rewards before your next tier announcement; however, due to the closure of the rider hubs, claiming of physical prizes will be at a later date. 

Points System

Here’s the criteria you need to unlock each tier:


From July 6, 2020 (Monday), everyone will start off as Baby Panda and receive their tier update by the first week of August. We've added some multipliers in this July cycle to give our bicycle and e-bike riders a chance to hit the highest tiers!  

Prizes (Second Cycle)

Great news - you can claim ALL the prizes under your tier. The points you’ve accumulated over the past month will determine your tier and each tier has a set of claimable prizes. From limited edition shirts, to foodpanda vouchers, you name it! Keep delivering to collect all the freebies as seen below:

t-shirt (design 1)

t-shirt (design 2)

sports shirt

premium sports shirt


Claiming of Prizes (First Cycle) 

In light of the safety distancing measures, our rider hubs will temporarily be open from July 27 - August 9 for the claiming of the first cycle physical prizes. As you know by now, we take safe distancing very seriously – hence, you would need to book your claiming timeslot here in advance:


West Hub: https://doodle.com/poll/udqxxteygre3pxs8


East Hub: https://doodle.com/poll/eguuhgkwquiv7xyx


Hub Addresses: https://www.pandariders.sg/rider-hubs


Please remember the timeslot you chose because you will not receive a confirmation email. Kindly head over to the hubs at the time of your booking and flash your tier email to start claiming your prizes. Congregating outside the hubs while waiting for your turn is STRICTLY forbidden. 


A. Points and Tier Qualification


B. Rewards and Claiming